Woodcock Program

American Woodcock: Habits and Habitats
A program on this odd little bird, including a walk to listen and watch its courtship ritual
Friday, April 14th
6 pm at the Aton Forest Headquarters
270 N. Colebrook Rd., Norfolk, CT
We will begin with an indoor Powerpoint presentation and discussion about the American Woodcock and management for this species at Aton Forest at 6 pm. At 7:00 pm we will walk around AF Hq to observe birds in the field. This is a free program open to the public.
Please RSVP: phone (860-542-5125; 860-248-1053) or email (contact@atonforest.org)

Join us for our annual 

Winter Bird Count!

Saturday, December 31st

Meet at 7 am (check with us about starting earlier for owling) at the AF Headquarters (feel free to show up a little later) 270 N. Colebrook Rd. Norfolk, CT. Coffee and hot chocolate will be provided. Check the "Contact" page for directions. Birding will continue until about 11 am, followed by a potluck lunch.

We will start the morning walk in the fields near the office and move to the Beaver Pond and Benedict Pond.  Please RSVP: phone (860-542-5125 off. or 860-248-1052 cell) or email (contact@atonforest.org)